Sunday, 27 October 2013

Starting out game reviewering

I've decided to start writing game reviews because I wanted to. I can't do videos because that involves thinking on the spot, but if I write it, I can edit it how I want. I hope to get out reviews for games that I like to advise people to buy those games and also filter out shitty games that you shouldn't buy at all. I'll (try to) sort the games by year of release, and I won't do them in any particular order, but I'll try to concentrate on newer releases and some obscure releases so people know about them. If I don't review a game, that either means I haven't played it or I just didn't find it interesting enough to review. I'll start out with my favourite game, Doom sort of as a tester to test if I'm any good at it and if anyone likes my stuff.

A shoutout to Clonehunter of Doomworld forums for reminding me that I was thinking about doing this.

First off, a bit about myself. I like old-school games and I am very biased towards 90s FPS and games that are trying to copy those games. However this is not the only genre I like. I like stealth games, adventure games, platformers, racing games, RPGs if they don't have a subscription (haha laugh at me because I'm cheap) and a multitude of new and different games I didn't even know existed. This will mean that number one, I'm human, therefore I fall towards bias every now and then and I will often think a game is poopy but I will state that is my opinion and that other people might like it, such as the way of a reviewer.

I don't call myself a "professional reviewer", more like "that mate down the pub who tells you about games and whether or not to buy them" in the vaguely ad libbed words of Nerd³, my favourite Youtube LPer. I'm not linked to any official company and I don't pretend to be professional. I'm simply here because I like games and I want to write about them. That is all.

At the end of the day, I'm just some guy on the internet who makes videos, plays games and now writes reviews and you probably don't even give a damn. That's great, because I don't know who you are and you only know I exist because I'm posting media online. You don't like it? Fine. You do like it? Stick around.


  1. You're welcome. Also good luck, and hope you update more regularly than me. ;)